• Hi,

    Today our sql server was hung for about one hour, I checked windows event viewer logs and I found this message:

    Dispatcher (0x1220) from dispatcher pool 'XE Engine main dispatcher pool' Worker 0x0000018579056160 appears to be stuck on Node 0. Approx CPU Used: kernel 0 ms, user 0 ms, Interval: 623265.

    Last week we had the same hanging sate but the error was this:

    *Process 62:0:7 (0x3ab4) Worker 0x00000066A0FD8160 appears to be non-yielding on Scheduler 0. Thread creation time: 13139533134164. Approx Thread CPU Used: kernel 0 ms, user 50156 ms. Process Utilization 97%. System Idle 1%. Interval: 73484 ms.*

    I don't know how to get rid of this problem, thank you.

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • Was this ever resolved? I'm dealing with the same thing on my central management server after installing a powershell module.

  • Issue resolved for me. I have audits configured on my SQL Servers to write to a network share. The share had gone down, so when the server restarted, connections were timing out for whatever reason. Once the share came back up, connections could go through again.

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