SQL Server Express and Backup / Restore facilities

  • Paul Mainstone


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    Hi. I am trying to include automated backup and restore facilities in a c# .net application. This works fine on the development PCs, but when I deply to clients I get an error saying that I require Microsoft.SqlSever.PipelineHost Version installed in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).

    I imagine that this comes with the full SLQ Server 2005, but may be missing from SQL Express.

    Does anyone know how I may get around this problem? Can I install these components as part of my installation process? If so, where do I get them from?

    Or, is the Microsoft saying that SQL Express does not allow backups from anywhre other that Management Studio Express?


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    I created a few stored procedures for Maintenance on SQL Express and execute them via the Windows Task Scheduler and an OSQL command in a batch (command) file. Works fine.


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