SQL Server Data Tools and Management Studio 17.x on Disconnected Networks

  • Hi All,
    Rumors have been circulating that if telemetry is blocked and there is no internet access, SQL Server Data Tools and SQL Server Management Studio 17.x and above will not install or will not function correctly.  Can anyone tell me if this is actually the case?  It is crucial that my team be able to install these tools on completely blocked off networks.

  • I have not heard that but I would be very interested in that as well. I would imagine that any DBA that works for any federal government would have similar concerns and that MS would have some kind of work-around to account for that (hopefully).

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  • Is there anyone who can explain if this is true or not?  Generally when something like this goes around as a rumor it is only half-true - like "there is a workaround but it is tedious" or something similar.  Not that it can't be done, but that it requires some type of dark arts.  🙂

  • hit google using terms "install <<xxprogramxx>> without internet access" where xxprogramxx is what you want to install. Microsoft requiring web access might be a thing but you're not the only one asking apparently. also try googling "run <<xxprogramxx>> without internet access".


    the best thing is to probably just try it if you can do a test server that you can turn internet access on and off with, if anybody tries this it'd be nice if you could post here, I don't have much Microsoft stuff on a network I can turn on and off, my home network would be perfect as I have a flexible firewall but I'm too poor to run windows 🙁

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