SQL Server Data Discovery and Classification - times out...

  • The powers that be have commanded that we implement data classification because...  well, to be honest I'm not sure they even know what it does, but they want it.

    The problem is when I go into the wizard in SSMS (Right-click DB -> Tasks -> Data Discovery And Classification -> Classify Data..) it times out in a couple of seconds.  Does anyone know of a way to increase (or disable) the timeout period, or of any other way to get around this issue.  I am very seriously hoping to NOT have to manually go through a bazillion tables and columns and classify them.


  • I could not find it (and I'm sure you searched as well) - but you can do it manually with T-SQL.

    what the wizard does on the background is defined in https://sqlworldwide.com/data-discovery-and-classification-how-it-is-done/

    doing the same process (and adding more column names based on your own systems) and then using the final output you can add the classifications in a semi automated way using the new " ADD SENSITIVITY CLASSIFICATION" command (some examples in https://blog.devart.com/manage-your-sensitive-data-with-sql-data-discovery-and-classification-in-ssms.html

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