SQL Server CPU utilization

  • Hi there,

    i am using this script to get the cpu utilization. Unfortanetly I get wrong results. The NonSQLCPUUtilization is always negative. It's a SQL Server 2014 with CU4. We have an other SQL Server 2014 with CU4 where it works correctly. Any hints are appreciated.


    select top 10
    id, SQLServerCPUUtilization, 100 - SystemIdle - SQLServerCPUUtilization as NonSQLCPUUtilization
    from (
    record.value('(./Record/@id)[1]', 'int') as id,
    record.value('(./Record/SchedulerMonitorEvent/SystemHealth/SystemIdle)[1]', 'int') as SystemIdle,
    record.value('(./Record/SchedulerMonitorEvent/SystemHealth/ProcessUtilization)[1]', 'int') as SQLServerCPUUtilization,
    from (
    select timestamp, convert(xml, record) as record
    from sys.dm_os_ring_buffers
    where ring_buffer_type = N'RING_BUFFER_SCHEDULER_MONITOR'
    and record like '%<SystemHealth>%') as RingBufferInfo
    ) AS TabularInfo
    order by id desc
  • Out of interest, but I think it might be related... have you got any power management settings configured on that server?

    Thomas Rushton
    blog: https://thelonedba.wordpress.com

  • Hi Thomas,

    just checked this server. It's set to high performance in the BIOS and in Windows.

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