SQL Server CE replication

  • Hi all,

    Just working on trying to get merge replication with SQL CE

    Anyone had any joy on this..

    I think with SQLCE you can only pull subscriptions rather than have them pushed by a distributor.. is this correct...

    If it is only pull subscription does anyone know of some code snippets / programs that may aid in doing this from the Pocket PC.. I have done a bit of searching and i have a fairly good idea of how to do it...I think i will have to do it via ActiveSync..in terms of how the publication treats it i am not sure...


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  • I use the merge replication with a application developpe in C# and the NetCF.

    I use the ADO SQLCe object for start the synch.



  • Hey Franky, Thanks for the info...we had a massive breakthrough about 2 weeks prior to your reply and we are utilitizing ADO SQL CE as well to fire off the merge , my aploogies for not responding to my own thread sooner.....i found the free demo project that microsoft sends ouit with SQL CE to be very beneficial...I only have a slight problem now with my computer in that from my computer when i try and set permissions for the link to the merge directory on SQL server the wizard that runs for IIS to point to it and check the permissions does not recognise it, and then the permissions get reset or changed!! ...i will try and screen print the error...Other computers it works fine...just not mine...hopefully someone else may have run into and has fixed this problem as i have not had much luck so far with it..


    thanks again !

    Life is far too important to be taken seriously

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