SQL Server Books for a newbie (2000 vs 2005)

  • Hi

    I just inherited some sql server databases (a mix of 2000/2005)..

    I hail from an Oracle DBA background...so just trying to see where I need to start..

    I see there are books on 2005 and 2000...

    just trying to decide which book to buy (2000 or 2005)..

    Are things drastically different in these two versions...or will be O.K. just getting the latest editions like 2005..

    The one I am looking at..is SQL server unleashed (2005) - Sam's Publishing..

    Also..can some one recommend a good book...for a newbie?


  • I've had some luck with 'Beginning SQL Server 2005 Administration' (Dan Wood, Chris Leiter, Paul Turley - Wrox.com).

    Whether you devote additional time to 2000 specific books probably depends on what you will mostly work with - 2000 is going on extended support soon (if not already, I don't recall the date), so many organizations are trying to upgrade 2000 to 2005 whenever possible.

    I'm very new to being a DBA myself, and support both 2000 and 2005, but I haven't yet run into any issues that required me to read a 2000 book specifically (knock on wood).

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