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  • Hi all,

    I am getting the below error (SQL Server 2008 cluster) for diverse times for last three days, after giving this error in sql server logs, the db has autogrowed 2 times successfully at last, in 61 and 144 seconds, perspectively, what i am curious about is having these errors all of which has timed out in <60 seconds?

    What is the default timeout for autogrow, can i set it? The data file autogrowed successfully in 144 sec, while <60 sec attempts has timed out, isn't that odd?


    Serter Poroy

    ------ERROR TEXT------

    Autogrow of file 'XXX' in database 'XXX' was cancelled by user or timed out after 25350 milliseconds. Use ALTER DATABASE to set a smaller FILEGROWTH value for this file or to explicitly set a new file size.

  • I don't know the reason for your timeout issue, but I can say that you should reset the size of the file so that it does not need to autogrow so often. If your autogrow increment is like 10MB and it is growing twice a week then you should resize your file to take into account that type of growth.

  • thanks for the reply Jack, nope my autogrow is 10%, my question what could be the reason for failing of autogrow as it says failed in 5000 ms (could not be timeout a very short time)


  • As I said, I don't know the reason for the timeout, but best practices are to do the best you can to size your database files so that they do not have to autogrow, as growth is a very expensive operation and slows down your server. So if you are getting autogrow timeouts your database could become unavailable due to not enough space. The best way, in my opinion, to fix your problem, is to resize the database file(s) so that you are prepared for the growth you are experiencing.

  • Make sure you have instant file initialization enable:


    Then create a method of monitoring your database file available space so that you get an alert or email to let you know that the space is running low before it runs out.


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  • I've seen this error when the current datafile size is very large, the autogrow is set to be % rather than Mb and the files are on SAN. As the datafile gets larger the 10% or whatever the increment is becomes bigger too and SQL times out trying to create the extra space. Basically the configuration of the disks and the increment size of the file is too big to be done in a timely manner so it times out. I'd go for a Mb increase or size the file initially if you can.

  • DNA is right on top of your issue !

    Golden rule is:

    - pre-size your files as accurate as you can (prefer having to much allocated !)

    - if autogrowth is enabled , have autogrowth set to MB (reason: read reply DNA did)


    The autogrow will just give a timeout to sqlserver, but it will be completed if the needed space can be allocated.

    As also mentioned in an earlier reply, "instant file initialization" may help out to avoid this issue.

    Read about it, so you understand the consequences (DRP,..)


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