SQL Server AlyaysOn with multiple Secondaries

  • Hi Folks,

    I need some clarification on my SQL Server AlwaysOn Environment that has multiple secondary replicas

    Node1 -> Primary, Node2 -> Secondary (Sync Commit with Automatic Failover), Node3 Secondary (Sync Commit with Automatic Failover)

    In the above, if Node 1 goes down, on which secondary node will AlwaysOn fail over to ? Is there an option where we can specify preferred secondary for failover ?

    Thanks in advance 🙂



  • Multi-AZ deployments provide increased availability, data durability, and fault tolerance for DB instances. In the event of planned database maintenance or unplanned service disruption, Amazon RDS automatically fails over to the up-to-date secondary DB instance. This functionality lets database operations resume quickly without manual intervention. The primary and standby instances use the same endpoint, whose physical network address transitions to the secondary replica as part of the failover process. You don't have to reconfigure your application when a failover occurs.

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