SQL Server AlwaysOn and FailoverCluster

  • We have one project which has Failover Cluster with two nodes and one standalone server in AlwaysON. For example: Node1(ip: and Node2(ip: in Failover Cluster with clustered IP: And Node3 (ip: Clustered IP:( and Node3 IP:( in AlwaysON with IP: And now we have another project where we have Node1 (ip: and Node2(ip: And Cluster IP: We want to add third Node3 (ip: to this cluster and create AlwaysON. But don't change Cluster IP. In first project we have two WFCI. Can we create with one WFCI and Clustered IP?

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • Dear friend,

    I observe some ambiguity in your question.

    If your final meta, is to have, only one WFCI that includes a Always on Environment.

    After you have configured your WFCI environment, you should install your SQL Server nodes and add your replicas. Is not very clear for me what is your interest in the virtual ipaddress.

    best regards



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