SQL Server Always On Availability Group in an Active/Passive Cluster Environment

  • I currently have a setup where we have an Active/Passive Cluster Environment that also has a Disaster Recovery Secondary Availability Group. There is a need for another secondary replica to use the read-only functionality to reduce the workload on the Primary Replica. My main question here is I'm assuming I will have to have another server to have create the secondary replica on. I'm not sure it would be possible/wise to have the secondary replica on the Passive Cluster. This shop installed Active/Passive Clustering prior to utilizing Always on Availability Groups.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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  • It isn't clear from your description what you are asking.  I assume by active/passive you mean an FCI (Failover Cluster Instance) where you have 2 or more nodes clustered with shared storage and an instance installed into the cluster.

    And then - added to this cluster is a 3rd node in a DR site setup as an availability group.

    But it gets confusing because you then state you have a Passive Cluster - but that would mean you then have 2 or more nodes configured as a separate FCI, but I don't think that is what you meant.

    To add a read-only secondary you will need an additional node in the cluster.  Because you already have an AG configured - then you also need to add all databases to that read-only instance.

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