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    We have a Windows Server 2022 Failover Cluster with 3 nodes SQL Server 2022 AlwaysOn . Two nodes (Node A and Node B) are in Site 1 and the third node (Node C)is in Site 2.

    We also have a File Share Witness server (FSW1) that is also in Site 1.

    Node A - is the Primary (Site 1) - synchronous commit

    Node B - is the Secondary (Site 1) - synchronous commit

    Node C - is the remote secondary (Site 2)used for disaster recovery and is asynchronous commit

    FSW1 - is the file share witness server (Site 1)

    When we validate the cluster is says we can only sustain a 1 node simultaneous lost otherwise the cluster will down I am confused why this be as I thought as long as you have 50% votes available the cluster would remain.


    I my testing if I pull the Nic on Node A or B (not at the same the time) the cluster stay healthy SQL fails over to the other node

    If I pull the Nic on Node A and Node B at the same time the cluster goes down despite the File share witness and  Node C being available.

    Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong I have the Quorum configuration set to Select the Quorum witness and then configure the file share so the 3 nodes and the witness share should have a vote each.


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  • I have collected the logs from the last 30mins on the cluster during my testing  and have attached

  • I have collected the logs from the last 30 mins on the cluster during my testing  and have attached

  • Logs uploaded

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  • For the cluster to be healthy - you need more than 50% quorum votes.  With 3 nodes and a witness you have a total of 4 votes - so you need more than 2 votes for a healthy cluster.

    That means you can only have a single node down at any given time.

    If you modify the node weight on the DR secondary to 0 (removing it from quorum consideration) - you would then have 3 votes and could now have both the DR and one of the servers in the primary site down at the same time.

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  • Hi Jeffrey


    Thank you for coming back to me, so can I add another share witness to the Quorum so it  will that then give me 5 votes?  so I could loose nodes  A and B site 1 and be able to failover to Node C in the second site


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