SQL Server Alerts

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  • I really like the fact that you separated the data transfer and the SQL transaction.  Using alerts to do this is an ingenious way to make these independent. 

    I would have to wonder if there is an easier way.  If there is, then I don't know about it.  Great article; well writter and easy to follow. Hope you write again.



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  • Brilliant idea - Thank you for posting this

  • I don't know the easier way to make transaction and process separation and at the same time keep them both real time.

  • I got to this article from SqlServerCentral.Com daily Update email. It's a very nice article and the writer showed how to seperate the data changes and the data transfer events. It would be real nice if he could give somemore insight on this topic by giving the code for whole process.

    It is a real good article.

  • Thanks for the comment. I will try to write another article and place more info

  • how can you create an alert for CPU utilization exactly?


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