SQL Server Agent Version in a Cluster

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    We are running a clustered SQL Server 2000(Active/Passive). When I run @@Version it is 8.00.760. That's good. Two weeks ago, our active failed over to the passive. No problem. But some of our recurring jobs were not scheduled for the next day. I have them set to a weekly schedule, but every morning they would be disabled and the job would not be running. I would start them manually.

    I googled the problem and came across the Bug #230243, but that was solved in SP1. Curious.

    Then I checked SQLAgent.out files. For some reason the SQL Agent version reported in the log was 8.00.190 and the SQL version reported was the same number.

    What did I miss?

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    seems to me you applied a service pack or hotfix only to the active node, and forgot to do it on the passive node also.



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