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  • I am running SQL Server 7 SP3 on NT SP6. We moved the server from one domain to another. I changed to accounts for the Server and Agent services to a domain account that is a member of the local admin group. I've also added the user rights of "Act as part of the Operating System","Increase Quotas","Log on as a service" & "Replace a process level token" to the domain account. When the agent service is started on the services panel, after a time I get the following error "Could not start SQLServerAgent service on \\myserver. Error 2186: The service is not responding to the control function".

    Can someone please help me out?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hello there,

    When I see this, it is usually when I have not added the domain account to the local admin group on the server. Also, occassionally, we have had other installations to the server that reset the sqlagent back to localsystem. Try these

  • I usually run SQLAgent as part of teh local admin group as well.

    Steve Jones


  • Thanks Steve, switching the service to a local admin account works.

    Microsoft recommends using a domain account so that jobs can access other servers. Does a job use the SQLServerAgent service account when trying to access another machine, or the job owner account? Since I inherited this server, I'll need to validate all the jobs work correctly.

    Thanks again.

  • Whenever a job runs, it runs in the context of the user account the SQLServerAgent service runs under. Which means if you run under the Local System account, you have admin rights on the local box, but it won't be recognized by anyone else.

    When you run it as a domain account, if it has to do file access or any type of NT authentication, it'll do so in the context of that domain account. This comes in really handy if you're using SQLAgent Mail to notify you about alerts and/or job completions/failures, because you'll need to create a MAPI profile with said account.

    K. Brian Kelley



    K. Brian Kelley

  • Don't use domain admin. Brian is correct with his post.

    Steve Jones


  • All better now. The problem with the SQLServerAgent service has to do with the mail profile. I removed the mail profile from the SQLAgent properties & SQL Mail properties, changed the service account to the domain account, logged in as the domain account, re-setup the mail profile, changed the properties of SQL Agent & SQL Mail and now things work. When a SQL job fails/completes I can now be notified.

  • Glad its working

    Steve Jones


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