Sql Server Agent Job does not Stop

  • I have a job scheduled in SqlServer Agent that runs nightly. It executes a DTS package.

    Up until last night it had been running without any problems. Now the job is displaying as still executing even though it should have finished hours ago. The DTS package it calls has successfully executed, I can tell this from sysdtspackages, but the job does not show as complete.

    The Jobhistory log is not full, so that is not a problem, and when I eventually stoped the job the jobhistory table told me nothing other that the job had been cancelled. Has anybody had a problem like this before?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance

  • It may be in the middle of a commit transaction or rollback. Check the Current activity to see if their is any activity listed that would relate to this process. It could be that some other process is causing blocking on the tables that are being accessed. I have run into this before and ultimately it tuned out to be an outside data import application that was blocking me.

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  • What service pack you have ?

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