SQL Server 7 & upgrading server to dual CPU

  • HI,

    My technical controller has just asked me to check if there are any issues with SQL Server 7 and upgrading (NT 4.0) server to having two CPUs. Reason being, we are about to do it for real and at a recent DR test he had megga problems with the NT end and fears he will have to do a full rebuild, including re-installing SQL Server 7.



  • I've had 3 failed upgrades moving from 1 CPU to 2 in NT 4. Haven't tried in W2K. I'd stay away from it.

    My solution is to reinstall NT/SQL and then attach the databases (or restore the backup).

    Steve Jones


  • I added an additional processor to our WinNT 4.0 Machine. Did not have any issues. What were some of the things you encountered.


  • up2mp failed. got stuck in the middle and was unable to go forward or backward. Had to reinstall NT4. Happened about 5 years ago and again 3-4 years ago. haven't attempted since.

    Steve Jones


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