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    I am doing a repointing of the target table in SQL server to another ODBC destination. The problem is, if i were to specify a new target ODBC destination, i have to do the repointing of each column(in the transformation job) to the new target column. There are about 200 jobs and each tables has many columns.

    Besides this manual and tedious process, would like to seek your expertise or by experience, is there any other simpler yet automated way to perform this task?

  • If the old destination table and new destination table are the same and only the connection is different, then you can just change the connection. After the connection is changed, dont select the 'Clear Transformations' option in the 'Task References' pop-up and say Ok. The transformations will be retained. If the tables are different, then after changing the table names in the destination, select 'Remove all transformations and redo auto-mapping' in 'Verifying Transformations' pop-up. This method will work if the source and destination have exact matching column names.

  • Nan82 provided the easiest way to do this. Verify that your table is defined exactly the same between the old source and the new source and you should be set to go.

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