sql server 2019 standard edition intallation question

  • for installation sql server standard edition for instance id should I put server name? lets say I have as 12345inv  server name would that work? because by default it goes mssqlserver when i installed wasnt able to log in to the sql serverer so I un installed and not sure how what to put for instance name.

  • What do you mean "I wasn't able to log in"? What error message did you get?

    What instance name did you use? For a default instance, you should have been able to use "localhost" or the name of the server if connecting locally (not "mssqlserver" , by the way -- unlike explicit instance names, the default "mssqlserver"  name is not used for connections). If connecting remotely, you should be able to use DNS name/alias or IP address.

    Were you using SSMS?  Directly on the server or remotely?

    Did you use Windows authentication or SQL Server Authentication? If SQL Authentication, was that enabled during install?

    If you use an instance name like "12345inv", you will have to connect to ServerName\12345inv.



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