SQL Server 2019 - Bug? Databases Auto Growing Out of Control

  • We are currently testing SQL 2019 - CU 1 in our lower environments.

    After enabling accelerated databases recovery for all databases, we have began experiencing abnormal database data file growth.

    For example, we have a database that is normally about 500MB total... we come in to the office the day after enabling ADR and the database primary data file is 1.5TB. We have confirmed this is not a jr dba growing the database or an application team artificially growing the database. While I know we can set autogrowth off... we would prefer not to do that for a variety of reasons. The solution right now in the lowers is to manually shrink the data files.


    Has anyone else ran in to this while testing?

  • Just happened again. I have pulled the growth report. Autogrowth just starts going haywire and growing and growing until there is no more space on the drive... lol. There is no physical data filling up the growth space.

  • I've got an extended event running now that will hopefully capture the next growth event(s) with more detail.

  • could be a bug - but it is also how ADR / PVS works.

    look at the troubleshooting section of https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/relational-databases/accelerated-database-recovery-management?view=sql-server-ver15 - DMV's will probably help you determine what is causing it.

    From what I've read this should not be enabled blindly but only where it is clear it is needed and will improve the overall performance of DB and instance

  • I agree. We are testing in lower environments. Thanks for sharing the article.

    Very odd that a technology will indefinitely grow a data file for a database that is 500MB normally until a drive is at capacity (8TB Volume). I am collecting additional info with an extended event right now to get down to the root cause.

  • just out of curiosity. is the log growing and stays 100% full? or does it grow and then space is released and it refills?

    if it is the former then it smacks of an uncommitted transaction … only asking as we are deploying a proof of concept 2019 this week and ADR is one of the toys we want to try


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