SQL Server 2016 - Two issues when restoring database in standby mode

  • SQL Server 2016 - Two issues when restoring database in standby mode on a test server

    Looking for some help regarding following two issues -

    Issue 1. Source database has replication setup

    When it is restored on a test server in standby mode sp_helpreplicationdb shows it as replicated but there is no publication or anything.

    sp_removedbreplication does not work because database is in read-only mode

    can not update sysdatabases to set Category to zero

    Can not drop database unless I take it offline

    When restored without standby mode it does not show it as replicated and can drop it without any issues.

    Issue 2. When it is restored with move

    database files correctly get moved to proper location but sys.database_files.physical_name has the original path.

    Thanks in advance

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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    1. The standby file allows a database to be brought up for read-only access between transaction log restores and can be used with either warm standby server situations or special recovery situations in which it is useful to inspect the database between log restores.
    2. MOVE Specifies that the data or log file whose logical name is specified by logical_file_name_in_backup should be moved by restoring it to the location specified by the operating system file name.
    3. SQLite Database Recovery is a convenient tool that can easily repair the SQLite database, which is corrupt due to various reasons.

    1) Via this software, you can successfully restore SQLite database objects like tables, indices, views, triggers, etc. Whatever, you can recover the SQLite database from corrupt .sqlite, .db & .sqlite3.

    2) you can save them into a new file of SQLite or MDB format.

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