SQL Server 2016 on Linux

  • Has anybody else here seen the announcement that SQL server 2016 will be available on Linux? I don't have access to link an article about it here at work, but I for one am rather excited about this. What is your take on this? Additionally, how do you think this will effect day to day operations for you in the future?

  • With so little detail around the announcement yet, for me it's hard to say how much it will affect my day-to-day work.

    Of course, this initial marketing announcement said mid-2017, so I'm assuming that means a realistic date around 2018, which I in turn assume means the first stable release will be around 2019 or 2020 :hehe:


  • From a purely personal point of view, this is a Big Deal (TM), though, I acknowledge my personal use-case is probably a bit unusual. I mostly run Linux at home, and it would be nice to take the database engine I'm using at work (SQL Server) and install it on my home server (Linux).

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