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  • So I have inherited an older SQL 2014 Server and have been working on understanding what I need to migrate or can shutdown without affecting our current applications. There is only one DB i know for a fact that relates to a digital faxing server we use

    I have a collection of 6 Databases with the following names.







    I've tried to find some detail about some of them but came up empty handed on most of them except the ReportServer DB's. Does anyone know or have details about what these databases may refer too?

    Thanks for any help provided!

  • A quick google search shows that the AppVManagement and AppVReporting databases are part of Application Virtualization (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-desktop-optimization-pack/appv-v5/).

    Guessing here - but the db_service and xm_service database appear to be related to some automation software.

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  • I've had this multiple times before, where a server turns up with unidentified databases on it and nobody seems to have ever heard of.  Here's what I do:

    • Check for any current connections using the databases - check the servers where the connection come from to find the apps
    • check the database_principals - the account name might identify what it is/was for
    • check for a user or logins table (or similar) - the users might be able to help identify what it is/was
    • check for *log* tables - these might have connection information or server names in them
    • check for date columns in the sys.columns and then find the latest dates in the associated tables - these might show when it was last used and might identify logging/history tables etc
    • check for tables with lots of metadata in them - sometimes you can determine what the app is based on the contents here (error messages, comments, descriptions etc)
  • Given how many times this identical question has turned up both here and on reddit, this has the earmarks of spam.

    "AppVManagement"  & "AppVReporting" appear to be for Microsoft Application Virtualization: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/application-management/app-v/appv-for-windows, https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/application-management/app-v/appv-deploy-appv-databases-with-sql-scripts

    ReportServer & ReportServerTempDB are for SQL Server Reporting Services.

    Note: This appears identical to a question that was asked on reddit in November 2021, & here on April 2 this year (removed as spam) & again on June 1st .


  • I like the answer from @DNA_DBA. That's a great approach. To that I would add, query the cache to see what kind of queries are being run on the system. Further, it'll tell if any queries are being run. However, some queries don't go into cache, so you could also/instead set up monitoring with Extended Events to see the activity on the system. Either of these approaches add to what @DNA_DBA suggested.

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