SQL Server 2008 R2 running very slowly after Hardware upgrade

  • vladimir.guerreiro

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    In my company, we have a SQL Server 2008 R2 Cluster, a few days ago, we doubled the CPU and memory of one cluster node.

    We have 1 HP BL680C G7 with 2 Intel Xeon X7550 2Ghz and 64Gb RAM.

    We doubled this hardware, now we have 64 Logical Processors and 131Gb RAM.

    The problem is, my server is VERY slowly, I have to set SQL Server to use just 2 processors and 60Gb RAM, and this way, it works.

    My doubt is, we need to configure or execute something to make SQL use all new hardware?



  • Devendra (Dev) Shirbad


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    SQL Server Performance Tuning is a big chapter / book in itself. There is no straight answer for your question because it depends on various factors (hardware/software/OS/networking etc.). If you are uncomfortable in doing it, please hire a professional to assist you.

  • Ninja's_RGR'us

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    +1 for the consult

    but if you have some spare time (maybe 1 week), it can be done online with a LOT of back and forth.

  • Dugi


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    Seems, time for the consultancy or reading and searching lot of stuff about Performance ...


  • padhis


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    This may help you to narrow down performance issue by following hardawre performance checklist.


  • vladimir.guerreiro

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    Hi everyone,

    My problem was solved, when my infrastructure team made the upgrade, beyond the memory and CPU, they have included a cache plate, that was malfunctioning, they substituted e now is OK.

    Thanks a lot by the help.

  • vladimir.guerreiro

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    Just to give fair closure to this topic, wasn't just the cache the problem.

    In fact, our infrastructure team just forgot to upgrade one windows server to SP1, so, this cause a huge performance problem in our structure.

    So, if you are a DBA, just double check a few points by yourself.

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