SQL Server 2008 Maintenence Plan - Backup file name

  • Is there a way to specify the backup file name in the Backup Maintenence Plan?

    It looks something like - [db name]_backup_2012_01_19_134751_0300897.bak, I would like [db_name]_yyyymmdd.bak

  • No but you can create your own backup procedure and use any format you want.

    I don't use maintenance plans for my backups, I have dedicated procedures that runs against a table that specifies all the databases I want backed up, whether they get transaction log backups, the backup interval and folders where the backups go.

    The reason is I have automation that creates new databases as needed for new customers and it sets up the entries in these tables as a part of the procedure. Then the backups occur automatically. I also want to specify the file name formats to be used.

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