SQL Server 2008 Filestream and failover clustering

  • In all information i searched, I see two conflicting statements:

    1) If you are on a FAILOVER CLULSTERING environment place the FILESTREAM file groups in a shared disk.

    2) FILESTREAM data can be stored only on local disk volumes.

    Can someone explain which of these is correct. I intend to use filestream in a clustered environment. In case of a failover, I want the data stored to be accessible from the partner database. Therefore I believe I must store the data on a shared disk. But as per above statements if it can be stored only on a local disk, how can the data be made available in a failover clustering environment?

  • Check this out.



  • That is a link to a Microsoft White Paper by Paul Randal.

    This is a clickable link to it: FILESTREAM Storage In SQL Server 2008

    @gt: you can use the [ url ] and [ /url ] tags to make your links more user-friendly 🙂

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  • Thanks, Dude! I Didn't know, i am still new to this forum.:-)


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    Thanks, Dude! I Didn't know, i am still new to this forum.:-)

    No worries - it's a question that most poeple ask at some stage.

    One day, SSC will have a nice editor*...;-)

    * I mean the post-construction tool, not Steve 😀

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