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    Amol Naik

  • Hi ,

    Sorry but i do not agree with the answer on this one ,Please could some one shed some light on the fact that according to BOL s that :

    A DEFAULT value cannot be specified in the definition of a user-defined table type.

    (The question is making specific reference to udf table types and not udf types as the refrence in the question specifies)

    Please see the correct reference according to me :


    The correct answer to this question is in fact "False";-)

  • Sorry my bad , I see that there has been a change according to msdn


    In the Change History updated content was provided :

    Removed the following statement from Restrictions: A DEFAULT value cannot be specified in the definition of a user-defined table type.

    I obviously need to updater my BOL

  • Can't complain...

    What you don't know won't hurt you but what you know will make you plan to know better
  • That's one reason we try to only refer to the online BOL version. It changes quarterly, and local help can easily be out of date if you're not paying attention.

  • Cedric,

    Thanks for the link about Table Types.

    The QOD asks about table types, but the BOL link in the explanation refers to user defined data types. I find nothing about table types in the 2005 BOL entry for "Create Type", so may i assume this is a feature new to 2008?

  • This is a new feature in SQL Server 2008.

    Amol Naik

  • As per Previous Post ,yes this is a new feasture in SQL Server 2008.But thanks for the questions.Makes one think and also do a bit of investigation before just answering .That will teach me to rather use the online version or update my BOL more regularly.

  • Yay! Thanks BOL! I taught that last week... but with the wrong information that I learned from BOL... lol ... I guess I need to pay more attention to the changes in BOL.

    Man, even when I am right I am wrong sometimes...

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