SQL Server 2005 DBCC Command Quick Reference

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  • I was just wondering if this research is relevant for the standard and enterprise editions if SQL 2005 as it was generated against the 2005 express edition beta. Are DBCC commands fully compatible between express and the other editions of SQL Server ?

    Still, very interesting article.

  • Good job. Very helpful article!

    Adam Machanic

  • Thanks guys. Yes Steve, so far as I know, DBCC commands are common to all versions of the database engine, although I would not rule out minor differences in the effects that they have, or whether they return any useful data for all versions. As soon as I can get my hands on the standard/enterprise edition, I'll post back here to let you know.


  • The article is very helpful.

    I wonder if anyone knows about the new syntax of DBCC PSS ? It seems like it does not accept the session_id for now...


  • Kolya,

    I don't know specifically, but will try to find out. Should be able to post some info. soon with regard to whether the DBCC command set is the same for the latest CTP of SQL Server 2005, and note any differences. Watch this space.



  • I need to the new sintax of DBCC PSS. Sql server 2005 answers this to the DBCC:

    Msg 2526, Level 16, State 3, Line 1

    Incorrect DBCC statement. Check the documentation for the correct DBCC syntax and options.

    Or is there another way to get other users current isolation level?

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