SQL Server 2005 Crossword No.1

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  • Thanks for the puzzle. Great fun!

  • Fun! Now I want the answers.

  • What a great way to spend a part of the morning on the last Friday before the holidays - thanks!!

  • If you want the answers, just brute every word found on SQLServerCentral.com through the hash function on this page:


    until you match up the 21 hashes of 15829, 42029, 8392, 7552, 15465, 77702, 32811, 95023, 57503, 23089, 31534, 53688, 4367, 76016, 30647, 35813, 34598, 86461, 13614, 31243, 64108.


  • It was FUN!! but I want the answers too, missing 2 last words @@

    or they skipped my mind for now.


    Across, 6 letters.

    An explorer to view and manage SQL Server 2005 server objects.


    Across, 7 letters.

    In this type of port configuration, the client application does not know the listening port of the SQL Server instance to which it is connecting.

    SQLServerNewbieMCITP: Database Administrator SQL Server 2005
  • object


    happy xmas

  • Ian Miles (12/21/2007)



    happy xmas

    thank you, Merry X'mas indeed

    That was not obvious to me

    object = An explorer to view and manage SQL Server 2005 server objects. ha ha

    SQLServerNewbieMCITP: Database Administrator SQL Server 2005
  • Here is another way of doing this - Cold Fusion, Crossword Compiler Version 8 and SQL Server 2000.

    The clues in our puzzles have links to places in our site - to aid in search engine optimization.


  • Hey Ravi,

    It was too cool to dig out the puzzle words this Friday morning. This way it will allow us to memorize the words which we normally speak in our daily database life.

    Expecting more like this in the future.

    Happy Holidays to you and all other SQLServerCentral members!!!



  • I got it all no problems but I think the obvious...I am stumped on this

    This specifies association between entities.

    I have


    It's killing me I am over thinking this!!!

    Merry Christmas all

  • Relationship

    I'm stump on: These are alternate names that can be used to connect to a SQL Server Instance...


    I know I'm going kick my self once I get the anwser...

  • Alias ?

  • I think a few blocks may be missing.. I would guess "RELATIONSHIP".

  • Rick Harker (12/21/2007)

    Alias ?

    Nope... That was my first guess but it's 7 letters...


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