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  • Forefront codename "Stirling" Beta 2, But in the question needs to provide the clear information for SQL2005 (Whether it is beta or edition)

    16 Apr 2009 ... Forefront codename “Stirling” is an integrated security suite that delivers ... Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition.

    My confusion is whether the answer is "Stirling" or "Yukon" .....................................?

  • The code name, beta or otherwise, for SQL Server 2005 has always been Yukon.

  • Does anyone refer to the code name after RTM? Just wondering. I haven't been around SQl Server too long and I never cared about code names in Windows or anything else. The final name is what I know because I don't beta test nor use a product early enough to care about the code name.

  • 1.can u say,how sql security scenario from admin role to user role .

    Explain details:

    i.how step follow to user roles mapping ,permission,grant with example.

    ii.if forget the sqllogin/pwd how to retrieve it.

    iii.all login information in masterdb in which table how to see.

    reply answer plz.......

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