SQL Server 2000/2005 Security Audit Scripts

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  • Looks like a helpful article ... I just wish the scripts had uploaded.

  • Working along with them at the moment, look like a very useful starting point.

    One point - I am going through and for each result set am putting in a blank first column to say what each resultset is.

    eg SELECT BlankOrEasyPasswords = '', Name...

    Thanks again for sharing.


  • Some really good stuff in here, thanks again.

    One apparent omission is that the only permissions currently picked up are specific to a user, as opposed to a database or application role.

    It is useful to know which permissions have been assigned to a database role, and the users that are members of that role.

    I have written these in the past, will retrieve them if I can find them = )


  • What's going on here? The link is incomplete and the snippet that reamins links to some bible readings site.

  • Are there still the scripts existing at the provided link.

    I am not access the URL provided.

    Can some help with the scripts.



  • Link is broken

  • Yes, the link is broken. But I found it here...


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