SQL Server 2000 Datbase Crash

  • U sure u installed the same version u had earlier and then trying to attach the DB??

  • Dear Gail Shaw,

    After the Execution of previously Mentioned Script the Error Which Occurs is:

    Server: Msg 5180, Level 22, State 1, Line 1

    Could not open FCB for invalid file ID 53256 in database 'SIMS'.

    Connection Broken

    Note: SIMS is The NAme of DB I want to Recover right Now. When I Try to Extract Data From Suspect Mode to Any other DB it Gives Me Error :

    error source microsoft ole db provider for sql server

    Which Means Even its Not Possible to Extract data Right Now For Me to Extract Data From SusPect Mode DB.

  • Definitely game over. Error indicates that there's damage to the structures that identify the files within the database, it thinks it has a file that it cannot have. That's not repairable, as you saw, the mdf isn't even usable (normally once a DB is in emergency mode it can be queried). There is no way you are going to be able to get this database online again.

    Good luck with the data recovery tool. It's pretty much the only way now that you'll be able to get anything at all out.

    Gail Shaw
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  • Good job Gail, staying with the issue shows your Professionalism, big time.

    I am sure the DBA community is reading and following along, so even if your efforts are not appreciated, hang in there.

    Granted, this is a really stressful situation Newbie is in, but if a company is still using version 7, for whatever reason, and you are the DBA there, you need that job, now you have this problem that was in the making for God knows how long, what else can you say?

    Its obvious you are not guessing, and everyone here respects your valuable input, but don't give up.

    Maybe, just maybe there is something else, to fix Newbies' problem, because as they say, 'There, but for the Grace of God ...'

  • Kudos Gail

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