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  • Hi,

    I have installed MS Sql Server 7.0 on windows2000 Advanced Server and it is running fine. After few days I have changed the Name of the System. Now Sql Server is not running properly. How can change the settings in SQl Server sothat it can work with the New name.

    Ramesh A

  • by default sql 7.0 takes the name of computer overwhich it has installed use sp_addserver and drop server to set it to new name

  • be sure when you run sp_addserver, you inclde the LOCAL option

    Steve Jones


  • Another way is to run the sql server installation setup again. This would just update the sql server's name and nothing would happen to the databases and other objects present in the server.

    But its safe u take a backup.



    Parasu Raman

    Parasu Raman

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