SQL Prompt Tips #5 - Current Statement Execution

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  • Nothing can prevent you to run a wrong statement, if you are not careful when you work...

    For me the easiest way to prevent any issue, it is still the same, you need to use Transactions...


    if you install SSMSBoost, you will not be able to run an update/delete statement without receiving a pop up windows saying:

    "UPDATE/DELETE statement without WHERE clause

    Are you sure you want to continue query execution?"

  • Transactions on a multi-user system can cause issues when people forget to commit or rollback before they get up to get a cup of coffee.

    Whatever works to make you more engaged and careful is helpful

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  • Nothing prevents you from making mistakes.

    Pop ups work sometimes, but people get muscle memory and will learn where the dialog will appear, and where the OK/Yes button is and start to click automatically.

    Transactions work, but people will open them, look at data and forget sometimes that they're blocking others.

    good habits are really important, and ones that we always follow.

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