SQL Prompt Tips #2 - Casing Options

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  • Nice tips, but be careful with statements like this:

    The case doesn't change the logic

    In a case sensitive installation/database, it most certainly can change the logic as you must be consistent not only with the casing of object names, but also variable names inside a batch.

    I don't use SQL Prompt myself, but I hope it recognises when a database has CS collation and does not refactor object names (for case preferences) or variable names in these situations?


    select geometry::STGeomFromWKB(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  • The case doesn't change the logic for keywords or functions, or data types. Those are what is reformatted. Prompt doesn't reformat the object names as far as case goes.

  • We're probably going to be getting the Redgate tools fairly soon, so the developers will start using SQL Prompt. One of the things I need to do is set the code formatting standards for the department - has anyone got recommendations regarding casing, tabbing, etc.? If we're starting from scratch, I'd like to conform with generally accepted practice.


  • I don't think there are generally accepted standards. Some people like spaces, some tabs. Some use commas before, some at the end.

    Really, Prompt means you don't care. You set up Prompt as you want it, and then reformat code as you get it. What's the point of worrying about formatting if each person can change it with a couple keystrokes?

  • It would be nice if everyone could easily reformat to their liking. If that is not a possibility, maybe start with the ANSI standards or Microsoft's recommendations: Transact-SQL Syntax Conventions (Transact-SQL)

    Another suggestion is to lock down your server connnection settings, database settings, ANSI settings, and set coding standards such as no bracketed names allowed, two part object names that are schema scoped, etc. This will allow you to have readable code regardless of formatting. It also gives developers a stable, predictable environment in which to program.

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