SQL PROFILER - Database Name does not show up

  • HI. I am running sql profiler and one of my datacolumns is the 'database name'. I cannot get the database name to show up. It will show the databaseid but no name. I do not have any filters that would prevent that. I just tried using the standard default trace and added 'DATABASE NAME' and no luck. I even started sql query analyzer and ran a SELECT statement so i knew forsure i was using a database to capture and no database name comes out in the profiler screen. Is there something that I should be doing special in profiler? Or does your code have to be written in a certain way so profiler can capture the DATABASE NAME?





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  • I believe Database Name  shows up only when you run Security Events, otherwise only Database ID is shown. I don't think there are any setting governing this behavior.



    Prasad Bhogadi

  • You need to select Show all columns check box

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