SQL Processors & Full Text Catalogs

  • I'm trying to keep a full text catalog constantly updated using change_tracking, and background_updateindex - however, it seems to run the procssors extremely high. We have 8 processors running, and i wondered if a) this is normal behaviour and b) if its possible (or desirable) to dedicate a couple of the processors just to doing this operation?

  • You're going to pay for doing the constant update - I don't have the experience with that to say for sure, but I doubt dedicating processors is a good idea. Anyone else tried this?


  • Hi

    Are you sure its doing incremental updates? have you got a timestamp column?

    if not then incrementals will not work. On my server the disks get thrashed and CPU's hardly move... even so, watch out for this as a high cpu can also be due to the disks trashing.



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