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    We are running SQL 2008 SP1 on Server 2008 in a 2 node cluster environment.

    The problem we have is with the aliases in the native client accessed via the SQL Server Configuration Manager. When we make changes they only get changed on the active node. I have tried running the SSCM with the computer: (Instance) option but the change still only gets applied to the active node. This means the changes have to be applied separately to both nodes to avoid problems during failover.

    Is this the only way to change both nodes or do we have a problem with our install?



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    If i am not mistaken alias's are machine specific not instance specific. So you would need to create a matching set of alias's on each node for every different alias required. so that if any of your instances are on any of your nodes the alias will be available. That is how i am approaching it on our servers. i create an alias for any instance that i might need for communication and then a matching linked server in the instance pointing to that alias.

    did that answer your question? I think it did.


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