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    I have SQL 2012 instance on a vm server  which I am testing with Red Gate Monitoring Tool installed on my machine and my machine machine is set a base monitor for testing purpose. Problem I am facing is that  it only monitor while I am logged on to the machine. If  I lock or log out  it stop recording the events and nothing logged for that period despite machine still on .  I am using domain logins and don't see anywhere in the configuration that one can change the settings to keep the monitoring active disregard user logged in or logged off.

    Any help or suggestion would be much appreciated.





  • we have a little app server and use a service account for monitoring - that should fix your issue


  • For the Monitor to stop monitoring you have to be stopping the service. That shouldn't be dependent on you logging in. Are you sure that things are actually running? You might want to contact support on this.

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