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  • hey guys i am using VB.NET 2005, .NET framework 2.0, and programming on a Dell Axim x50v PDA.

    i am getting some weird errors.

    1) Intermitant and unreproducable error occurs when trying an RDA Pull. Throws this SqlCeException

    >>SQL Mobile encountered problems when opening the database.

    2) Occurs as a System.Exception when the code tries to instantiate the connection object ( Dim objRDA As New SqlCeRemoteDataAccess(), no params are passed in the the construtor ). This error appears to be related to 3rd party barcode scanning software running at the same time.

    >>A SQL Mobile DLL could not be loaded. Reinstall SQL Mobile. [ DLL Name = sqlceca30.dll ]

    best solutions so far

    1) unistall and re-install SQL Mobile 2005.

    2) exit 3rd party software.

    any suggestions?

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  • Have the solutionms you suggested worked??

    1)where is the datbaase being opened from? PDA or Card?? if its from a card, maybe taking out the card and putting it back in might help ?

    2) Why do you think the barcode software is causing issues?

    More information maybe needed before more suggestions can be posted

    sorry i can be of more help


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  • interesting point about the card. the DB file is being stored on an SD card. if the errors start again, i will try using a different card and see what happens. thanks

    the barcode issue arrised becaused these errors were thrown if the software was running, then and RDA pull occured. start the barcode software after the RDA pull and everything was OK.

    in order to eliminate the barcode scanning issue (and hopefully other problems) i have installed Windows Mobile 5.0 (the previous version was Windows CE 2003 SE). Maybe the conflict was being caused by using SQL Mobile 2005, .net cf 2.0, and vb.net 2005 on the older operating system? there is also different barcode drivers for win mobile 5.

    i have been derailed from this project to work on other things, but will start on it soon. thanks for the reply!

    There are ll types of people: those who understand Roman Numerals, and those who do not.

  • You may not need to use a different card, i have found (as stupid as it seems) taking the card out of the PocketPC, doing a soft resest and putting the card back in, can solve issues. typically we get issues like this with the card maybe once every 2 months for each pocketpc we have running..

    yours maybe more regular..

    although maybe there is a problem with the card you are using, a second card would definately help eliminate this problem.

    its possible that there might be issues as you say with using a newer dev platform on the older OS, but i think its supposed to be *backwards compatible* to a certain point.

    i look forward to hearing how you go with this when you get back on track with it



    Life is far too important to be taken seriously

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