SQL Master Data Services 2019 - Website keeps prompting for login

  • I have two SQL 2019 servers running Master Data Services which are continually prompting for credentials when accessing the MDS website. I can't find an MDS logfile to see what is failing but I've reviewed all the articles I can find without success:

    • check that login account has access to MDS
    • check that Windows Authentication is enabled on the MDS website
    • ensure that Negotiate is the top Windows Authentication provider (I've also tried the other way around without success)

    Does anyone have any ideas:

    • What else I can try?
    • Where the root cause might be logged?


  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • This may be a niche issue but the resolution (after logging with Microsoft) was as follows:

    1. SPNs on reporting services service account had to be updated to HTTPS/... as opposed to HTTP/... as they were originally
    2. Remove the RSWindowsNegotiate option from the reporting service configuration file

    Item 1 fixed the MDS issue but broke reporting services - it exhibited the same "looping credentials" problem

    Item 2 fixed the newly-created reporting services problem

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