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  • This checkindex statment is a bit vage for me too, but i think that in SQL Server 6.5, when you execute DBCC CHECKINDEX, you can see in the profiler a statment that looks like the one in the article - with 'checkindex' inside a select. I guess that this is some kind of internal usage of the previous and unsupported DBCC CHECKINDEX.

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  • Hi there,

    I am new in the sql enviroment, so pleae be gentle and offer your advice!

    I need some help concerning the maint plan in EM. I need to run complete backups on all my databases(about 2000 DB's) When i use maint plans the "Transaction Log Backup Job" fails because the recovery models of the DB's differ.

    This part i understand, but i need a script that i can run that will automatically detect recovery model and do backups accordingly! Because about half of my DB's are DEVELOPER DB's. So i cant go and schedule different jobs for every database, and go back to check them everyday! That will be a monitor nightmare.

    Please help me, any help will be appreciated.


  • You can probably find a script in the library that will handle this for you. If you still want to do the maintenance plans you have to hack at it. You'll need two plans, one that does transaction log backups and one that doesnt. Then - Im sorry I dont have the name handy which isnt helpful - there is a table that is in MSDB that contains the db names to be processed by each plan. So you would need a job that right before the maintenance plan to add/remove the appropriate rows from each plan. Or you could just ignore that category of error, but be cautious about just ignoring errors easy to miss an important one amidst the noise.

  • @Piet, i am curious how it is going and how have you implemented your maintance plans / backup strategy?

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