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    Gregory A. Larsen, MVP

  • Very useful and clear reference Greg, nicely illustrated too, I hope the guys think it's worthy of inclusion in next year's 'Best of' publication - I can never find this information when I need it. 

    One thing I'd like to point out as a useful addition to it is an article that Microsoft published at : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/311231/EN-US/

    Point Q7 is worth reading, as it recommends that you only connect to a POP3 server on your local network, because using a server hosted by an ISP may prove unreliable and cause SQLMail to hang, which requires a restart of SQL Server if you want to send mail again.



  • I am looking for this solution actually, our sqlmail hang everytime after exchange server reboot... your article helps. thanks.

  •  A very good article but even after setting up sqlmail in the same manner I still have an issue I haven't been able to resolve. I several hours on this an never figured out a solution. I setup everything as describe in this article and others. I could test the process and the first email would work as expected but any after that would que up somewhere and only be sent after a reboot. I test everything I could think of an it all worked properly but only one email would be sent.  I was accessing a Novel Groupwise mail server on the network. Any ideas would be welcome.

  • I have used POP3 and SMTP to send SQL Mail for some years. But I succeed little since the ISP's mail server regard our SQL Mails as junk mails to block off. That dismay me.

    Now inside company I use Microsoft Windows Server 2003 , the system contain a simple POP3 and SMTP service.

    Bob Xu from China. ^_^

  • I have 2 instances of SQL running on my server. One of the instances have set the Mail alert and it is working perferct. The other instance don't pass the operator test.

     I need to have diferents mail profiles, for more of one instance???

    I tested using the same profile or with a second profile set EXACT as the other but don't pass the operator test.

    Thanks in advance!!

  • Question: Have any of you gotten this to work with Outlook Express? I'm pretty sure I read that full-blown Outlook is required. If so, that's tragic.

    I am excited about 2005's inherent SMTP mail capability. I'm looking forward to learning more about it.

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