SQL lookup tables

  • Hello,

    I am very new to SQL and would really appreciate some help.


    I am using Microsoft SQL Server 2017 to design a database for matching product features to products.


    To do this I have created the following 3 tables


    • Products
    • Spec
    • Lookup

    The lookup table joins the ID's from the product & spec tables together.

    At the moment I have manually put dummy data in the lookup table to ensure it works, which it does.

    What I would like to to now is to create a form that users can select models then select which specification items it supports.  From there, I would like the lookup table to get auto populated.


    How can I do this?





  • whatever your presentation layer is doing, submitting the form calls a stored procedure you will write which populates the lookup table with the information selected. Lookup table has foreign key relationships defined such that only entries within the base tables are able to be selected.

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  • Thank you very much Jonathan.crawford 🙂

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