SQL join based on column value

  • I am trying to join two tables based on the condition.

    ID         Portfolio
     3        Department
     5        Laboratory

    DepartmentID LaboratoryID
         3            5

    How can I join ID from table 1 with DepartmentID and LaboratoryID with table 2?

    I tried below and didn't work

    INNER JOIN Table1 ON 
    (SELECT ID FROM Table1 WHERE Portfolio = 'Department') =
    Table2.DepartmentID AND
    (SELECT ID FROM Table1 WHERE Portfolio = 'Laboratory') =

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  • not enough information to tell you what is the correct way to do for your particular query but the following should point you on the right direction.

    select *
    from table2
    INNER JOIN Table1 port
    ON port.Portfolio = 'Department'
    and port.ID = Table2.DepartmentID
    inner join table1 lab
    ON port.Portfolio = 'Laboratory'
    and port.ID = Table2.LaboratoryID

    as we don't know what you trying to do neither the data from the tables and expected output what I gave may not be what you need.


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