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  • Does anyone know the name of any shareware that will scan through .asp code and determine what sql objects are used. It would need to step through the procs and determine what views, tables and functions are being used.

  • I do not know of any specific tool that does that precisely, it sounds more like a general code coverage tool for working through all your code. And that is not very easy to do with ASP code..

    If you find some tool that will automate ASP execution you could then use Profiler to see which objects are actually used by it. But you would never be sure whether or not all parts of your application was executed unless the tool could guarantee that.

  • thanks for the reply... i found something called apex sql clean at http://www.apexsql.com/frame_downloads.htm

    it looks good ..im running the evaluation version through 3000 asp files...will wait and see 

  • I have over 100 instances of sql (SQL 2000 / SQL 2005) and each month I have to give a count of the number of user databases on each instance.  I am looking for a tool that will serve as a repository for all my supported servers and hopefully could generate the user DB counts.  Any ideas??

  • disclaimer: I work for the company behind SQLDocKit

    We have developed a tool that will help you with that https://www.sqldockit.com

    To differentiate from other vendors and MAPS we have built snapshots and compare technology (ability to compare any setting of the server that you have today and how it was configured for example 2 months before, so you can see the differences, and you can compare two different SQL servers so you can find differences in the configuration) and Best Practices that checks your SQL server configuration with the best practices Microsoft recommends and explains to your what you need to change on your SQL.

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