SQL driver to connect to old version

  • No comments about the SQL version. The application is very old doesn’t support newer version.

    Trying to connect to SQL server 2000 using DSN from Windows 11.

    Below is the error & the driver installed. Could you please suggest what driver can be installed to solve the connectivity issue? Tried with sqlnative client 11 but didn’t work. No changes can’t be done on SQL server.

    SQL Server Error: 772

    (Microsoft)|ODBC SQL Server

    Driver][DBNETLIB)ConnectionOpen (SECDoClientHandshake0).

    Connection failed:

    SQLState: '08001'

    SOL Server Error: 18

    (Microsoft)[ODBC SQl Server Driver(DBNETLIB) SSL Security

    Slow is the Installed driver from odbc

    SQL Server 10.00.22621.3447 Microsoft Corporation SQLSRV32.DLL

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  • ramana3327 wrote:

    (Microsoft)[ODBC SQl Server Driver(DBNETLIB) SSL Security

    It looks as thought you are trying to establish a secure connection. If using SQL Server authentication, this might just be to send the password. I would:

    1. try Windows Authentication.
    2. use IISCrypto to enable all the old protocols on both the client and server.
    3. check Encrypt is set to false in the connection string.



  • ps. You might also want to look at a wire proxy like Gallium Data. It might be possible to put the database on a supported version of SQL Server and point the application at the proxy. The proxy could then be made to translate any old style SQL and pass the result onto the database.


  • You need to specify to support unsecured connections 🙁



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  • Tried using both windows authentication & sql login. Getting similar error with both.

  • In your connection string - make sure you include the Encrypt option and/or pass in the option to trust the server certificate.  The newer drivers default this to true - so the connection is attempting to create a secure connection.


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