SQL Diagnostic Manager Review

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  • running "worst performing queries, traces and batches" can be an overkill for the busy production server, since SQLDIAG is running traces on a target server. The good part that you can turn them off completely or run only at certain times.

    Nice product, but pricey, when it comes to adding more servers to monitor...

  • I must admit, using Idera DM makes life a lot easier for any DBA. Some DBA might call you lazy for using a tool like this, but I seriously disagree. DM can give you a deep insight into any SQL server, almost instantly. My former CITO's opinion after about 3 months of using DM was, how did we ever get along without it.

    I've been using DM for almost 12 months now (since 3.5). I recommend it to all my clients (I think I should start charging Idera some commission).

    It is true that in same cases it might cause overhead on your server, but finding a solution to a problem, that otherwise might have been eluding you, is always worth that cost.

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