SQL developer

  • Hi Friends...

    I want know about role of sql developer and

    SQL admin.

    I Want became SQL developer, which concept i need to study

    Please help

  • SQL Developer's work is to write sql queries for differnt processes/applications. It includes writing stored procedures, triggers, functions etc. You'll need to learn the sql syntaxes to write the queries. However, more important thing is you'll need to identify the best ways to do any task.

    Database Admistrator's work include administering the sql server. Activities performed by a SQL DBA is long but here are few of them:

    1. Establishing sound backup policy for SQL Server databases

    2. Ensuring the security of the databases & other securables

    3. Configuring HA features for the databases such as clustering, mirroring, log shipping or replication etc.

    4. Monitoring the perfomrance of sql servers & tuning the servers/queries to get the optimum performence.

    Sujeet Singh

  • Thanks

  • I have experience in ASP.NET C# and SQL server.

    In SQL server .

    1.Basic Query


    3.Stored procedure

    4.SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio

    5.Triggers and view

    I want to choose my career in SQL developer.

    Can i have enough skills....Pls guide

  • Yes, why not. Keep learning as much as you can :-).

    Sujeet Singh

  • Thanks Divine

  • In my current job 85 % work in SQL , i am also exp in ASP.NEt and C#.

    So if i am try another jobn , which one is best for me.

    Dot net or SQL .....

    How can improve my SQL skills and Dot net skills ,,,,,,,

    For 2 years experience other company what expert from me

    Please guide me

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