SQL DELETE from multiple tables

  • Hello ,

    the sql will not delete from the tables if more then 2 rows have to be deleted... can sombody please have a look and guide me in the right direction whow can i make it to delete all entries from the secondary table no matter 1 or 20 entries.

    y = Request.QueryString("y")

    set DoDelete = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")

    DoDelete.ActiveConnection = "kratistos"

    DoDelete.CommandText = "DELETE Quotes.*, QuoteDetails.* FROM Quotes LEFT JOIN QuoteDetails ON Quotes.QuoteID = QuoteDetails.QuoteDID WHERE (((Quotes.QuoteID)="& y &"))"

    DoDelete.CommandType = 1

    DoDelete.CommandTimeout = 0

    DoDelete.Prepared = true



  • Assuming y is a numeric variable and you do NOT have a field in the QuoteDetails table name QuoteDID, you may have erred by using Quotes.QuoteID = QuoteDetails.QuoteDID. If my assumption is not correct and you have a field named QuoteDID in the QuoteDetails table, you could try the following:

    1. Use the Access query designer to build and test your SQL, then paste the content of the SQL view into your script.

    2) Create two separate transactions; one to delete the details and one to delete the quote.

    Steve King

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